• Boxing referee Luis Pabon was at the centre of controversy for ruling Daniel Dubois' knock-down as a low blow.
  • Dubois felt cheated and believes his shot on Usyk was legitimate, with slow-mo replays supporting his claim.
  • Similar footage has emerged of Pabon ruling Anthony Joshua's punch against Usyk as a low blow, prompting calls for an investigation.

Boxing referee Luis Pabon has found himself at the centre of controversy after his decision to deem Daniel Dubois's knock-down against Oleksandr Usyk a 'low blow'.

Dubois, who was competing against Usyk to become the unified heavyweight world champion, sent Usyk crashing to the canvas in the fifth round with what appeared to be a brutal body shot. However, Pabon deemed the punch to be illegal and ruled it a low blow. To compound the matter for Dubois, Usyk was then given almost four minutes to recover from the shot, despite the Ukrainian insisting he was ready to go again far sooner than that.

In the end, the fight was waved off in the ninth round as Usyk knocked Dubois down for the second time. Speaking in his post-fight interview, the Brit stressed that he'd been 'cheated' and that his shot on Usyk was perfectly legitimate. Indeed, slow-mo replays of the punch indicate that Dubois may have a point and his promoter Frank Warren has already indicated they will appeal the decision.

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Footage emerges of Pabon's low blow call during Joshua vs Usyk 2

With the 'low blow' incident dominating the headlines, footage has now emerged of Pabon making a similar ruling against Anthony Joshua during his second fight with Usyk last year.

Remarkably, the moment in question also occurred in the fifth round as Joshua struck the Ukrainian with a powerful punch, only for Pabon to deem the shot to be a low blow. Usyk, who was spotted wincing after the incident, was then given time to recover, before proceeding to dominate the rest of the contest.

A split-screen video shows both Joshua's and Dubois's apparent low blows and the similarities are striking. Many on social media are, therefore, calling for Pabon to be investigated for the incidents. Check it out for yourselves below and make your own minds up.

VIDEO: Luis Pabon rules Anthony Joshua's punch to be a low blow

Will there be a rematch between Usyk and Dubois?


Speaking to TNT Sports, Dubois said: "I don't think that was a low blow. I've been cheated out of victory tonight. That was a win." Similarly, Warren stated: "It wasn't a low blow. I wish they could put it up there now and we could all see it. They didn't take any points off him. I like Usyk, but that was a complete home decision. He was not fit to go on and they gave him a couple of minutes to recover."

Dubois, understandably, emphasised his desire to run things back again in the future. "I definitely want a rematch - get justice, get a rematch, get something to happen," he said.

"We've been working in the gym for weeks and weeks on end on that shot," Dubois added to BBC Sport. "We pulled it off and that should have been our moment. That should have been a knockout. This needs to go further, it needs to be pushed. I should be a world champion right now. It wasn't justice. It needs to be called out and go further than living this lie. They just cheated out there."