• Andy Ruiz Jr has transformed his body and is in the best shape of his career as he waits for fight news.
  • Talks between Ruiz Jr and Deontay Wilder for a WBC interim heavyweight showdown have stalled, leaving his next opponent uncertain.
  • Despite the setbacks, Ruiz Jr's incredible physique suggests he is motivated and ready to make a comeback in pursuit of a world title. #ComebackKing

Andy Ruiz Jr has shown off various body transformations throughout his career, but in his latest social media post the Mexican looks in arguably career-best shape as he waits for fight news. The ex-champion has fought just three times since his shock win over Anthony Joshua in 2019, with one including a rematch loss as he gave up his titles after looking extremely out of shape.

Ruiz Jr has since beaten Chris Arreola and Luis Ortiz in 2021 and 2022 respectively, and is eyeing a pursuit of a world title with the WBC crown held by Tyson Fury particularly in mind. The 'Gypsy King' claimed the ex-champion priced himself out of the fight, and talks have stalled over a potential showdown with Deontay Wilder which has left him without an appearance to make so far this year.

Who is next for Andy Ruiz Jr?

Ruiz Jr has not fought since last year and has been in negotiations over several fights to date with one yet to materialise despite his persistence. The Mexican has gone back and forth predominantly with Deontay Wilder over a WBC interim heavyweight showdown with the shot initially looking as if it would be mandated, but talks appear to have stalled.


The pair argued over fight terms in public videos on social media, with Wilder suggesting he is by far the A-side in negotiations which will now likely see him instead move on to a mega-money clash with Joshua himself in Saudi Arabia. It remains unclear exactly what options are now available to Ruiz Jr, but he will hope a fight can materialise by the close of 2023.

Deontay Wilder talks Andy Ruiz Jr fight collapse

Wilder has broken his silence on the fight, explaining exactly why he believes the pair were unable to meet in the middle and secure a bout. He told ES NEWS: "He priced himself out. He wanted 25 million. 20-25 million, and he knows he ain’t going to get that s**t nowhere. Being a six-month champion or less. It would’ve been lesser than that if Joshua didn’t come along.

“How do they thing they’re going to get 20 million? That’s the daddy. You daddy trying to steal, b**ch. Stop it. If this ain’t no price out then what it is? Come on. This ain’t even no title fight. This is what an eliminator? You're talking about 20-25 million. Guess what? I hope you enjoy sitting on the shelf.”

The 'Bronze bomber' fought Helenius last year and was in intense negotiations with Ruiz Jr for weeks, with the winner likely to be mandated to challenge for Fury's belt. But he is instead now travelling down a different path, with Ruiz Jr likely to soon be forced to take on an alternative contender to up his activity in the hope that he can fight his way back into title contention.

Andy Ruiz Jr's incredible shape

Ruiz Jr has been back in training as he looks to remain in good condition in case an opportunity arises in the coming week. In trademark fashion, the heavyweight has posted some training footage from this week and looks in incredible shape, which it could be argued is the best of his career so far.

WATCH: Andy Ruiz Jr looks in shape on pads

The former champion is crashing the pads at some ferocious hand speed in the video, which has become a trademark of his skillset throughout the years. On his Instagram story, Ruiz Jr also posted a picture of himself showing off a brilliant and muscular physique, which is a far cry from the shape that fans have been accustomed to for the Mexican who has faced widespread criticism.

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Ruiz Jr looks like a completely different figure in comparison to his shape for the rematch with Joshua, which he admitted was out of character and was down to his lack of preparation for the second event. With motivation a new lease of life in training, Ruiz Jr's shape could point to a pursuit of silverware again providing he can pin down a fight.