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KSI vs Tommy Fury: Erling Haaland gives prediction on Logan Paul's podcast

Erling Haaland tells KSI to his face on Logan Paul's podcast that Tommy Fury will beat him

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KSI vs Tommy Fury: The size difference between the pair is 'actually insane'

The size difference between KSI & Tommy Fury ahead of fight is 'actually insane'

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John Fury flips tables in chaotic riot at son Tommy's press conference with KSI

John Fury sent his son Tommy's press conference with KSI into a riot

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KSI v Tommy Fury: Date, Start Time, Fights, Undercard, How To Watch On TV/ Live Stream

KSI and Tommy Fury will do battle in a huge boxing fight

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Jake Paul and Logan's argument in full over KSI, Nate Diaz and boxing careers

Jake Paul and Logan Paul got personal in a heated argument

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KSI, Tommy Fury, and Logan Paul: Who has the highest punch machine score?

KSI, Tommy Fury and Logan Paul have all launched boxing careers, but only one hits the hardest

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Tommy Fury smashes KSI’s face on punch machine and gets huge score

Tommy Fury took part in the launch of his brother Tyson Fury's new Furocity energy drink with a new jibe at rival KSI

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Tommy Fury's current physique ahead of potential KSI fight is insane

Tommy Fury's current physique ahead of potential KSI fight is genuinely mad

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Jake Paul asking Logan if KSI will be at his wedding is so awkward

The awkward moment Jake Paul asks Logan if KSI is going to be at his wedding

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KSI & Logan Paul's Prime faces investigation in the USA

'It’s a serious health concern' - Why KSI & Logan Paul's Prime faces investigation in the USA

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Jake Paul names list of potential opponents after Nate Diaz fight

YouTube star Jake Paul is already planning beyond his fight with Nate Diaz, and has made a list of boxing rivals

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Jake Paul makes hijack offer to Tommy Fury amid KSI fight ultimatum

KSI and Tommy Fury are in advanced talks for a boxing fight, but Jake Paul has hatched a plan to disrupt it

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Prime: Full video shows why KSI & Logan Paul were pelted with bottles on stage

Full video has now emerged showing exactly why KSI & Logan Paul were pelted with Prime bottles

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KSI & Logan Paul get pelted with Prime and have to be escorted off stage

KSI & Logan Paul get so many Prime bottles launched at them they have to be escorted off stage

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KSI sets out retirement plan for Zlatan Ibrahimovic with incredible boxing fight

KSI wants to see Zlatan Ibrahimovic compete in another sport under his Misfits Boxing banner

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KSI's punch technique mocked by boxing fans as new footage comes to light

YouTube star KSI has been mocked by boxing fans for his technique as he trains for a potential Tommy Fury fight

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Jake Paul's tweet goes viral after KSI controversially knocks out Joe Fournier

Jake Paul took to Twitter after KSI's controversial victory against Joe Fournier.

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KSI brutally knocks out Joe Fournier with elbow shot

KSI brutally knocked out Joe Fournier with an apparent elbow to the face.

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Andrew Tate sparring footage emerges as he returns to boxing

Andrew Tate has returned to sparring after recent controversies & the footage has now emerged

WWE: Megastar with 8.5m followers turned down huge WrestleMania 39 offer

A megastar with over 8.5m followers turned down WWE's offer for WrestleMania 39