• Despite their impressive goal-scoring records, these 10 top Premier League players never managed to score a hat-trick in their careers.
  • Players like Lee Bowyer and Niall Quinn demonstrated their goal-scoring abilities, but the elusive match-ball slipped away from them.
  • Even legendary players like Ryan Giggs and David Beckham couldn't achieve the feat, but their contributions to the sport are still highly regarded.

Erling Haaland bagged yet another hat-trick this weekend as he continued to run riot for Manchester City. The Norwegian has been in scintillating form since moving to England and has already bagged five hat-tricks for Pep Guardiola's side. He wasn't the only one on fire recently as well, with Tottenham Hotspur's Son Heung-Min and Brighton & Hove Albion's Evan Ferguson both scoring three goals on the same day as City's talismanic forward.

You'd be forgiven for thinking hat-tricks are a common occurrence then, with the rate they were scored this weekend, but there have been some incredible players who have spent years tearing up the Premier League without managing to bag that elusive hat-trick. Some have scored an envious amount of goals in England's top flight, but never quite managed to get three in one game.

Now, of course, it's not exactly unusual for defensive-minded players to have failed to score a hat-trick, so to make things interesting, we're only looking at some of the very best who scored at least 50 goals in the Premier League, yet still failed to bag that all elusive match-ball. From all-time greats to electric goalscorers, here are the 10 greatest Premier League players who never scored a hat-trick.

10 Lee Bowyer

Lee Bowyer celebrates his last-minute goal for Leeds vs Leicester

While his goalscoring prowess might not instantly come to mind when you think about Lee Bowyer and his career, the former midfielder actually scored a surprising amount of goals and did a decent job in front of goal. With 58 goals over the course of his 15-year run in England's top flight, he showed he had an eye for goal.

His 397 appearances in the league demonstrated how heavily he was relied upon throughout his career, and while he bagged more than a handful of goals through spells with Leeds United, Newcastle United, West Ham United and Birmingham City, he never managed to score a hat-trick and take the match ball home with him. Still, as a midfielder, it's not the most surprising thing in the world.

9 Niall Quinn

Niall Quinn

Over the course of his 20-year career, Niall Quinn had successful spells at Arsenal, Manchester City and Sunderland. He spent nine of those years in the Premier League with City and Sunderland and was certainly not shy of scoring a goal or two. He found the back of the net on 59 occasions and made 250 appearances in the league, but never managed to find that hat-trick.

In all fairness, the striker was known more for his excellent holdup play and his lofty 6'4 frame than he was his eye for goal, and he wasn't the most prolific forward. His best goal-scoring season came in the 1999/2000 season when he scored 14 goals for the Black Cats.

8 Harry Kewell

Harry Kewell scores for Liverpool

After bursting onto the scene at Leeds, Harry Kewell went on to have a pretty impressive run in the Premier League both for the Yorkshire club and for Liverpool. He was particularly prolific for the Lilywhites, scoring at least five league goals a season in all but one of his years as a regular first-team player at Elland Road.

He scored a total of 45 goals in the top flight for Leeds in 181 appearances, before joining Liverpool in 2003. He went on to score a further 12 league goals in 92 matches for the Reds, bringing his total tally to 57. Unfortunately, he never managed to bag a hat-trick and his move away from Anfield in 2008 to Galatasaray ruled out his chances of ever getting one in England. Despite his failure to ever bag a hat-trick, he was still an impressive talent and was even nominated for the Ballon d'Or award in 2001.

7 Kevin Davies

Kevin Davies

Few strikers have had as long a career, with a goal-scoring record to be admired without ever being truly prolific, but Kevin Davies can certainly make that claim. The Englishman spent 15 seasons in England's top flight and played for Southampton, Blackburn Rovers, Southampton again and Bolton Wanderers in the league throughout his career.

He made 444 appearances in the Premier League over the years and managed to score an impressive 88 league goals in that time. He failed to ever record a hat-trick, though but was never the most prolific forward in fairness. Throughout his career, he only managed to hit double figures in terms of goals scored twice, first for Chesterfield in the Third Division back in 1994/95 when he scored 11 times, and then for Bolton in 2008/09 when he hit the back of the net 12 times in the top flight. When you consider that, it's not too surprising that he never scored three in a single game.

6 Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill goal everton

Known just as much for his iconic goal-scoring celebration, where he'd box the corner flag, as he was for his efforts on the pitch for Everton, Tim Cahill had a solid career in England's top flight. Throughout eight seasons with the Toffees, the Australian was a key figure within the squad and had a strong return in front of goal.

He managed to play 226 times for the Merseyside team in the league and hit the back of the net on 56 occasions. He played a large role in the club's success under David Moyes and left the side in 2012 as an icon, but never managed to score a hat-trick during his time there. Still, he was a pretty impressive attacking midfielder at Goodison Park.

5 Wilfried Zaha

Wilfried Zaha celebrates a Crystal Palace goal

This one is really surprising. Wilfried Zaha was massive for Crystal Palace as they established themselves as a Premier League team over the last nine years. The forward was easily their most consistent talent throughout the period and emerged as a star for the Eagles. His return in front of goal was pretty strong too, with 68 goals in 291 league appearances in the top flight.

He departed the club this summer as a true great, and without his influence, they may well have fallen back into the Championship at some point, but he somehow never managed to take the match ball home with him. He scored a brace on at least one occasion but never managed a hat-trick. Still, he left for Galatasaray this summer as Palace's all-time leading Premier League goalscorer, so he did a decent job anyway.

4 Craig Bellamy

Craig Bellamy of Liverpool.

With 81 goals in the Premier League, it's pretty wild that Craig Bellamy never actually scored a hat-trick throughout his time in the top flight. The Welshman would regularly tear defences apart with his blistering speed for the likes of Blackburn, Liverpool and City, but somehow never managed the feat.

What's crazier is the fact he bagged a brace on nine separate occasions, but just couldn't quite get over the line and find that third goal. Still, he had a solid career, winning the PFA Young Player of the Year award in 2001/02 as well as being named the Welsh Player of the Year in 2007.

3 David Beckham

David Beckham scored 18 free-kicks in the Premier League

While he's predominantly known for his excellent free-kicks, and his impressive goal-scoring rate from the set pieces, David Beckham was a pretty impressive goalscorer during his time in the Premier League playing for Manchester United. The Englishman had scored more goals from free-kicks than anyone else in the league before James Ward-Prowse overtook him last year.

Over the course of 265 league appearances with the Red Devils, Beckham scored 62 goals in the top flight and was consistently one of the best midfielders in the sport. His career in England was brought to a premature end, though, when a bust-up with Sir Alex Ferguson saw him move to Real Madrid in 2003.

The move saw the star leave the Premier League without ever managing to score a hat-trick in it. While we'll never quite know what could have happened had he stayed, the former Madrid man may not have been on this list if he'd spent longer in the Premier League with United and didn't leave in his prime.

2 Paolo Di Canio

Paolo Di Canio in action for West Ham

Despite his status as a Premier League icon, and regularly regarded as one of the most impressive forwards to ever play in England, Paolo Di Canio never managed to score a hat-trick during his time there. It's shocking when you think about the impact he had on the English game and the legacy he forged at West Ham.

The Hammers weren't the only side he turned out for in the Premier League, though, with the Italian making 190 appearances for Sheffield Wednesday, West Ham and Charlton Athletic over the course of a seven-year stint in England. He had no trouble performing either, scoring 66 times in the league, but failing to ever score a hat-trick. Still, his impact stretched far beyond his goals and he is still fondly remembered as a talisman and one of the wildest characters to ever play the sport.

1 Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs celebrating for Manchester United

It goes without saying, but considering the magnitude of his footballing career, the longevity of his incredible impact in United's first team and just the sheer volume of games played and goals scored in the Premier League, the biggest surprise and the greatest player on this list to have never scored a hat-trick in England's top flight is Ryan Giggs.

The former Red Devil is widely regarded as one of the very best players in league history and over the course of an illustrious 24-year career, he won just about everything there was to win at Old Trafford. He made 632 appearances in the Premier League, and 963 in total for United. He managed to score 109 goals in the league and was easily one of the most vital cogs in Ferguson's dynasty as they dominated football for 20 years.

Still, it's wild that the Welshman never managed to score a hat-trick in the top flight, bagging a brace on multiple occasions. In hindsight, it matters little, though, with Giggs still looked at as one of the best players in Premier League history.