• Max Verstappen has set a new record in F1 by winning 10 consecutive races, surpassing Sebastian Vettel's previous record of 9.
  • Verstappen's dominance has put him in the position to extend his winning streak even further in the upcoming Singapore GP.
  • Verstappen remains humble about his achievements and credits his team for their success, expressing gratitude for the rare opportunity to win every race since Miami and achieve such a streak.

The dust and red pyro is beginning to settle at the Autrodromo Nazionale Monza, following an Italian Grand Prix that saw an incredible F1 record fall and some tense, hard-fought racing at points too.

The 2023 campaign has been one that has seen one man stand out in front of the rest; Max Verstappen, and his latest record perhaps underlines the dominance he has enjoyed this year more than any other could.

Gone is the 10-year run Sebastian Vettel held as F1's owner of the accolade for most championship grand prix victories in a row, which stood at 9 as he found extra gears on the way to the championship back in 2013.

Indeed, another dominant Red Bull driver in the shape of Verstappen has now set a new benchmark, with him taking his 10th straight win - a streak that goes back all the way to the Miami Grand Prix at the start of May.

He has a very good chance of extending that run by a considerable amount, too, with the Singapore GP up next in a couple of weeks from now, whilst securing a third world title is a matter of rounds away as well.

Reflecting on this latest achievement, though, the Dutchman was typically grounded about the whole thing:

"It's something that you don't expect to happen," he told the press gathered here at Monza.

"I never thought at the beginning of the season that something like this is possible. So I'm very proud. I'm very proud of the whole team for the whole year. I mean, what we are doing at the moment, winning every race this year, is something that we are enjoying, because I don't think these kinds of things come around very often. And that's the same, of course, with winning ten races in a row."

Reflecting on the race itself, meanwhile, Verstappen had this to say:

"I was very happy with our pace and how we looked after our tyres. It was quite an interesting little battle [with Carlos Sainz] at the beginning, trying to get a move done into turn one. We just didn't have the top speed to do so. I had to wait for a tiny mistake and then Carlos had a little lock-up."

P1 for Max again, then, ahead of team-mate Sergio Perez and the aforementioned Sainz.

The Spaniard fought hard to keep the Dutchman at bay but ultimately could not resist for the duration of the GP, and instead had to focus on fighting his team-mate Charles Leclerc to remain on the podium, after Perez had also overtaken him.

The two Ferraris were certainly leaving nothing on the table in their duel in the closing stages, but thankfully avoided it ending in tears to bring home good points in third and fourth, as Sainz took that final spot on the podium.

Reflecting on that tussle, the Spaniard remarked:

"We knew we were both fighting for a podium at Monza, so there was always going to be a bit of a battle. In the end we kept it clean, there were a couple of nice moves here and there, tight battles. I think today honestly I enjoyed battling Max, battling Checo, battling Charles - I think it was a good day for F1.

"The last thing you want in Monza in front of the Tifosi is for the two Ferraris to touch, but I think we had a tough, fair battle. We managed to keep it clean and it was good fun."

Certainly, it was one of several intriguing and exciting flashpoints in this particular edition of the Italian Grand Prix, and the Tifosi can go home happy enough with the result that the Scuderia achieved.

Ultimately, third and fourth was about the best they could hope for this weekend, and they'll be pleased they managed to deliver on that, but nothing could really be done to stop Max on his march to ten in a row - try as Sainz might.

Onto Singapore, then, where Verstappen will look to turn it up to 11.