• Seth Rollins confronts a fan who called him a "fake a** champion" during a WWE Live Supershow in Miami, defending his dedication to the sport and his role as a fighting champion.
  • The fan's comment triggered Rollins, but he received support from the crowd as they chanted "kick him out," showcasing the appreciation for Rollins' efforts.

Seth Rollins has been filmed confronting a fan for calling him a “fake a** champion,” during a WWE Live Supershow in Miami this past weekend.

For the main event, Rollins took on Finn Balor for the heavyweight championship. The former came out victorious and retained his title, but after the fight was over, he took a microphone and began speaking to the crowd.

Despite some initial technical difficulties with the microphone, the champ eventually was able to speak to the crowd. However, it was not a one way conversation.

Usually, interactions between WWE Superstars and fans at WWE Live events stay between those in attendance because they are not televised events, however, given the social media age that we now live in, certain moments do get filmed and posted online.

Seth Rollins has beef with confrontational fan

In a video posted on Twitter, or X if you want to call it its new name, Rollins appears to hear a member of the crowd sat at ringside call him a “fake a** champion.”

“The Architect” did not take this lightly, retaliating by saying: “I am far from a fake a** champion. I am here in your city sweating buckets, bleeding my own blood.”

As Rollins addresses the fan, the crowd can be heard chanting “kick him out” repeatedly, highlighting a level of support for Rollins against this accusation.

It is clear the fan’s comment triggered Rollins, unsurprisingly so given how much he gives to the WWE and the fans, as he goes on to ferociously exclaim that he is “a fighting champion because you guys deserve a champion.”

Seth Rollins as WWE Heavyweight Champion

Rollins was named heavyweight champion earlier this year in May, but he, and WWE, have faced some criticism for creating a new belt while fighters are still unable to defeat Roman Reigns.

Image Credits: WWE

Reigns unified the WWE Championship with the Universal Championship back at WrestleMania 38 and has not been defeated in over 1,000 days, overcoming Pedro Morales to become the fourth-longest world champion in the history of WWE.

But in May, the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Raw was introduced, a decision that was somewhat clouded in criticism, partly because Reigns hadn’t showed up in the weeks prior to the introduction, meaning no one could take his title from him.

Anyone who became the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion has not been able to defeat Reigns.

Reigns has come to dominate in a way that made it impossible for anyone to displace him from the top, the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship was established as a means to allow other wrestlers to shine outside of the shadow of Roman Reigns.

Seth Rollins
Image Credits: WWE

However, for some fans, Rollins' victory therefore pales in comparison to Reigns’ long-standing title.

On top of that, questions have arisen about the prestige of creating a whole new title with little history behind it.

Reigns has long been considered the sport’s ultimate champion, but now he and Rollins are both champions holding different belts, something many fans are struggling to fully support.