• Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale faces a challenge from three YouTubers to see how many goals they can score against him.
  • Ramsdale's reputation as one of the best Premier League goalkeepers is at stake in this challenge.
  • The YouTubers struggle to score against Ramsdale, demonstrating the skill and ability of professional goalkeepers at the top level.

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale is one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League, facing off against world-class strikers such as Erling Haaland, Mohamed Salah, and Marcus Rashford, but in a recently published video by popular YouTuber ChrisMD, the England international had a very different task at hand to his usual duties.

In this video, three of England's most well-known YouTubers (ChrisMD, Calfreezy, and Theo Baker) took on Ramsdale in a challenge that saw them take 100 shots against the Gunners' 'keeper. The purpose of this challenge was to see how many goals a non-professional footballer could score against one of the best goalkeepers in the sport, with Theo Baker admitting he expected to score none before the challenge.

For Ramsdale, however, the challenge had a very different expectation, as his reputation as a top Premier League goalkeeper needed to be kept intact, admitting he was hoping to achieve "as little goals as possible."

The career of Aaron Ramsdale

Currently Arsenal's number one between the sticks, Aaron Ramsdale has become a popular figure at the Emirates since his surprise arrival for £30m including add-ons from Sheffield United back in 2021. At the young age of 25, he is still in the infancy of his career when considering that most top goalkeepers do not fully progress until they reach their late 20s to early 30s.

Aaron Ramsdale

Making his Premier League debut at the age of 21 under current Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe at Bournemouth in 2017, and despite only starting to become a regular in the 2020 relegation season for the Cherries, Ramsdale impressed with his shot-stopping ability and distribution for such a young age.

Getting his move back to Sheffield United and staying in the first division for the next campaign, Ramsdale continued to develop at Premier League level, and despite once again getting relegated in the 2020/21 season, another club were ready to pounce on the young English goalkeeper.

Although, absolutely everyone was shocked when discovering that Arsenal were interested in the services of the Sheffield United goalkeeper, with many criticising the north London club for signing a goalkeeper that has been relegated with two separate sides.

Since moving to Arsenal, though, Ramsdale has done nothing but shut the doubters up, continuing to develop under head coach Mikel Arteta, and was a big player for the Gunners in their title pursuit last season, keeping 13 clean sheets in the league.

Aaron Ramsdale and Mikel Arteta

Venturing into the Champions League for the first time in his career this season, Ramsdale will be once again called upon to perform at a world-class level, as he will face up against the most predatory forwards in the business, another challenge that he will surely be ready to for.

Aaron Ramsdale vs YouTubers

In this video, though, the biggest challenge that Ramsdale has to face is his reputation being in jeopardy, as he faces off against 100 shots from some of YouTube's better footballers, comically stating before starting: "I really can't let these score."

Before beginning the challenge, Ramsdale was questioned over the hardest opponent that he has faced, where he responded: "Jamie Vardy's always one of my answers because he just never stops, he closed me down on a back pass, and I'm like, you're 4-0 down, he's like nah, it's what Red Bull gets me through or something like that."

In this challenge, the opening 50 shots of the 100 that are to be taken will be taken from the edge of the penalty box, while the second 50 are to be attempted from 15 yards deeper, progressively making the challenge more difficult for the YouTubers.

After taking 25 shots and having not gotten close to hitting the back of the net once, things were starting to look a bit grim for the YouTubers, as they started to realise just how difficult getting a shot past Ramsdale was going to be, but on shot number 28, ChrisMD lined one up from the edge of the box, brilliantly curling it past the leaping Arsenal goalkeeper and getting the first goal of the challenge.

On shot number 32, Theo Baker curled an effort gruelingly against the post, leaving Ramsdale a slightly relieved figure, as he previously claimed he specifically did not want Theo to score against him.

Reaching the halfway point of the challenge and having only conceded once, Ramsdale was on course to easily breeze through this challenge without a threat, but on shot 50, ChrisMD once again stepped up for the YouTubers, smashing an effort thunderously into the top right-hand corner of the net, earning himself a slightly sarcastic applause from Ramsdale in goal.

Three-quarters of the way through the challenge, and at the halfway point of the attempts from 25 yards out, the YouTubers were no further in their endeavor to score their third of the goal of the video, with the possibility of going the entire second half of the challenge without another goal to their record becoming increasingly likely.

Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 13.20.01

At shot 90 without any further progress, Ramsdale began to start feeling bad for the YouTubers, hilariously facing shots 90 and 91 from Calfreezy on his knees, which both attempts were still not converted.

Once again, on shot 94, Arsenal's number one gave Theo Baker the opportunity to score a goal, not reacting to the shot oncoming on purpose expecting it to travel wide, but this time, the YouTubers were able to convert, scoring their third and final goal of the challenge, leaving Ramsdale jokingly flabbergasted, saying to the camera: "Very surprised he got it on target."

Finishing the challenge, Ramsdale finished as the highest on the leaderboard of goalkeepers that they had previously faced, amassing a total of two and a half goals conceded, as they counted Theo's as only half a goal due to Ramsdale's antics.

Ultimately, this challenge shows a bit of an insight into the level that professional top-class goalkeepers at Premier League level operate on and emphatically answers the question of how many goals a non-professional player could really score if they were to play against a goalkeeper from one of England's top footballing institutions.